Now This Is A First


Drawing by Chris Avellone

Normally I report on 2008 Best Games previews that talk about Fallout 3, this one refuses to talk about Fallout 3, an original thought of RPGCodex:

For those of you who don’t follow CRPG news religiously, Elwro compiled a short piece on what to expect from 2008. As 2007 was received with less negativity than usual by the hivemind, there’s reason to be (cautiously) optimistic – provided we leave The Sequel That Shall Not Be Named out of it:

With Mask of the Betrayer, Eschalon: Book One, Depths of Peril and The Witcher (among others), 2007 was a good year for cRPGs – especially if you consider the modest crop of decent titles offered in previous years and the fact that three of those games were prepared by new studios. Let’s see what we can expect in 2008.

Spotted at Gamebanshee.


2 thoughts on “Now This Is A First

  1. Refuses to talk about Fallout 3?

    “This site seems to suggest that, well, Lucas Arts are cooperating with Bioware. Kotor 3? A new Star Wars MMO game? Perhaps 2008 will bring some answers. To complete the “big games” section – If you just couldn’t get enough of Two Worlds, its expansion (Two Worlds: Temptation) has been recently announced. Oh, and as I’ve said, Space Siege is coming Fall 2008, together with Fallout 3.”

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