YAY! Another Dev Profile!

How did this photo not get her that role in The Breakfast Club?

I don’t know where Brios is but I’m having way too much clicking category boxes. What was I posting? Oh yeah, there’s a new dev profile at the BethBlog. This week’s lucky victim? Christiane Meister.

What is the best part about working as an artist? The worst part?

My favorite part is designing how characters will look and work, down to the hairstyles, armor, and clothing. I generally liked to maintain a feel of culture — the objects that these people wore came from somewhere and were made by people of that particular place. I hope to carry that even further in the future. The worst part of the job is not quite succeeding at what you had envisioned, whether it is time, technology, or design constraints. But then art is never really finished — only abandoned.

Well that was exciting. Really.

[Edit by Briosafreak]Thanks Killzig. I already had some Q&A with Maverique before, since then she played Fallout. No more tomatoes in her direction.


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