10 Atomic Years: DuckAndCover


Picture Dogmeatlives/DAC

Happy Birthday DuckandCover:

It’s been a long long time since Duck and Cover was created by some random guy called Jay who everyone still existing on the site probably never knew. It’s been ten years in fact, to the day. It’s been a rocky ride, from the GSA debacle to that whole fist.jpg shenanigan and beyond.

Regardless, ten years is a long time for a website, let alone a website to still get updated and having a community, perhaps proof that when the bombs eventually drop cockroaches won’t be the only thing able to survive a bit of fallout (oh the wit).

Through that time the Fallout community as a whole has managed to survive the brutalization of the beloved game that once, and for some still does, had people glued to their computers, playing a quality of video game that tends to rarely be achieved these days. Again, a testament to the quality of the actual game, and how it’s built a lasting community around it.

Thanks to everyone who has ever had a hand in the running and maintaining the Duck and Cover site, and the current crew of staffers that continue to make sure when we come here we don’t get mail order porn. Despite how much zig probably still plans on doing it some day… Also, no site like this would’ve been around if it wasn’t for the community underneath it.

I remember when DAC was an ugly message boars with ads that took over half of the screen, then the Gamespy years, the Kreegle and Killian years, you name it. So all the best to them, and remember to duck and cover.


14 thoughts on “10 Atomic Years: DuckAndCover

  1. Well, it’s a hard timeslot to fit in, because Fallout’s release was thus only 10 years prior to DaC being born

    Which isn’t that unlikely.

    Sad that no sites started before the release, that would’ve been something. But internet wasn’t like that, back then

  2. It would have been naught but a title… “We were here before Fallout”… Nice, charming, but useless, in the end… It’s good enough that the oldest is still the biggest. NMA is the oldest, right?

    Oh, yeah, and I’m still ecstatic for being part of it 🙂 That’s something to tell my grandchildren about… At least my grandnephews…

  3. Miroslav was no doubt one of the first. Was he *the* first? That I don’t know. NMA is the oldest site that’s still running, but does that mean it was first? I don’t know, I wasn’t around back then. Don’t think anyone who was is still around.

  4. Well JRJansen was on the Fallout 2 message board on those days. Maybe 4Too was too? El_Prez goes way back too. Rosh was around screaming for a patch, as a few of the Unwashed.

    Maybe Ausir too, he was making a Wasteland meets Fallout webpage with saint_Proverbius by 1999.

  5. I was around in ’98-’99 too, on the UV and NMA boards, not on the Fallout 2 message board.

    But I was talking about earliest earliest, right after Fallout’s release. Dunno who’d be around from then.

  6. “Maybe Ausir too, he was making a Wasteland meets Fallout webpage with saint_Proverbius by 1999.”

    No, I wasn’t. I started being active in the Fallout community only in 2000, and the only thing I worked on with Saint were DAC and the Codex.

  7. Where’s Saint Proverbius anyway? Is it for real that he died? They say he did, over at the codex, but you know… :-\

    Also, what about miroslav? Didn’t he post something in NMA a while back? Or was it Odin?

  8. Glad to know the old buddies are still around, even if not here 🙂 Kudos for them if they ever read this.

    And yeah, now I remember, it was Odin yes, he even had a fuzzy colorful avatar and all, going on about his art site or something.

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