Community Corner: Interview with Per


On today’s Community Corner interview I bring you Per Jorner, administrator on the No Mutants Allowed Fallout fansite, a Swedish adult male with an eye for detail and lots of devoted work for the games he fells in love.

Per is mostly known because of his famous guides, a set of work that is recognized all over the world as the most impressive resource documents for anyone wanting to play the classic Fallout RPGs (and the Wasteland guide is also worth of many praises). As an example of how thorough his work is I never check references on the Fallout bibles without crosschecking with what Per wrote, and usually in case of doubt go with his interpretation.

In the year a new Fallout game is set to be released I thought it would be interesting to know more on the thoughts of Per Jorner, click here to read it all.

A snippet:

What are your views on how SPECIAL will be implemented in this new game?

Well, like many others I’m concerned about the apparent shooterization we’re seeing. It fits right into the devolution of the “RPG” label that’s been going on for a while now. Of course we know that Van Buren would have updated SPECIAL too, but a thing such as keeping the term “Action Points” but tagging it onto something different in a radically altered play mechanic indicates a superficial view of “what is Fallout”. This doesn’t have to affect the presentation and application of non combat skills and character data and hopefully won’t.

Thanks Per!


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