Tsk tsk…


Image from Joystiq 

The Gamespot affair had a new chapter yesterday, with the resignation of Frank Provo. A few words we all should remember:

Unfortunately, I don’t see myself now increasing my contributions to the user community, because doing so ultimately benefits CNet and its coffers. And CNet is one organization I don’t want to benefit, at least not until major changes regarding disclosure and separation of advertising and editorial are made. I mean, come on, the fact that PR representatives are told the impending score of a “AAA” title before the review goes up is INSANE. That needs to stop.

But you reminded me of one thing I’d love to re-iterate: The GameSpot staff did not fire Jeff. The GameSpot staff are NOT corrupt. GameSpot itself is NOT the problem. CNet is. CNet’s management is. The problem lies with the puppet masters. Unfortunately, those masters have RUINED GameSpot’s credibility and reputation… a reputation built up for more than a decade.

They give the review scores for the PR people of the gaming companies in advance? Tsk tsk.


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