Fallout 3 Will Be Watched In 2008: The Sequel


Fallout 3 remains in the media spotlight, first The New York Post states that it is one of the games to watch in 2008. It’s not on their top five list though.

On the other hand Yahoo Games places the game in their Top Ten Most Anticipated Games of 2008:

The Fallout name is revered among PC gamers, who associate it with a series of superb, old-school turn-based RPGs that still command a substantial fan following. Now the series is in new hands, and a new Fallout game is on the way – but even if you didn’t play the first couple of games, there’s still plenty about Fallout 3 to raise your pulse. How does a plot-driven adventure in a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-style world sound? If it’s in the hands of Bethesda, the studio behind the critically-acclaimed Oblivion series, it sounds mighty fine.

Next Generation also puts Fallout 3 on their Games of 2008 for the XBox list:

Although the Fallout franchise was not created by Bethesda, it is an ideal studio to take up the reigns. The company is after all responsible for the similarly grand Elder Scrolls franchise, and the RPG fanatics that work there seem to understand intimately what made the earlier games genre classics. Despite some rather inexplicable fanbase anger, this should be a welcome return to post-apocalyptic America.

The game will also be featured on PCGamer and PCZone, according to the Bethesda Blog:

If you’re in the UK you may be aware that both PC Zone and PC Gamer have bits on Fallout 3 in their current issues. Gamer has a little article on the Fallout 10th Anniversary contest with mentions of the winner and some of their favorite runners-up (Falling From Heaven, European Accent, and You First). There’s also a mention of Fallout 3 in their “Games of 2008″ article.

Meanwhile PC Zone has a two-page piece on Fallout 3 as part of its “Games of 2008″ article. In it, Steve Hogarty uses the phrase “piece of piss” to describe the hours of gameplay in Fallout 3 compared to Oblivion, so it’s worth picking up for that alone.

Ok… Now let’s head for PSM UK, that as we know has an article on Fallout 3, you can check some scans at Vault of Mad Brahmin.

Finally new rumors (and they are just rumors) surfaced about the Fallout 3 (and other games) release date:

Xeonoumus over at the official U.S. PlayStation Forums managed to acquire a list which details the release dates of several PS3 titles up to November this year.
What makes this all the more intriguing is that it lists dates for titles we know the fans would kill (not literally, of course) to get their hands on.

For example, LittleBigPlanet is scheduled for April 7, Fallout 3 for September 9, and Killzone 2 for April 7. Metal Gear Solid 4 appears to be set for June 17.

According to Xeonoumus, the list was originally picked up from Best Buy, and was further confirmed by a local EB Games retailer. The reader does state that the dates may be subject to delay. That aside, we’re unable to confirm if this list is official. We do note, however, that at least one date is spot-on: the Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition pack’s February 5 launch date was previously confirmed by Capcom via press release.


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