Sarcastic Gamers Top Ten for 2008


On the Sarcastic Gamers Top Ten for 2008 list you can find Fallout 3 at number ten (not Downing Street, though):

I’m still torn between horror and joy at the thought of this game. The Fallout games stand as some of the best games I have ever played (and still play). The mature universe, awesome storyline, dark humor and awesome turn based party fighting still have next to no competition even today IMO.

I’m just afraid that this new third person/FPS, no turn based, no strategy take on the series will fall short. Sorry, but I hated Oblivion and the idea of that same group of devs butchering Fallout gives me nightmares. Good or not, I know I won’t be able to help myself from buying this one when it comes out.

A different take, as it is usual on that blog, one of my favorite gaming blogs.


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