The Hype Machine


So everyone is still doing trying to figure out how the next year is going to be. A few examples starting with Mark Wilson from Kotaku, that asks the readers what will be the best game of 2008, and offers his opinion:

Me? Fallout 3. You?

The Times of India site has a bigger list:

Fallout 3: This one comes from Bethesda (the same folks who gave us the stunning Elder Scrolls) and is the third in one of the most famous role-playing and adventure game series of all times.

Ok, now let’s move to GamersWithJobs:

So, my Game of the Coming Year? Fallout 3.

Finally CVG has a list of their most anticipated Playstation 3 games with, you’ve guessed it, Fallout 3:

So what Fallout 3 is multiplatform? A new project from the developer of the brilliant Oblivion deserves its place here regardless. A sequel in a PC RPG series, Fallout 3 presents players with a free-roaming, post-apocalyptic world littered with mutants and mangled structures.
While an RPG, it’s pretty heavy on the action and features a combat system that allows you to target specific body parts of an enemy. It’s got some of the bloodiest headshots we’ve ever seen, and any game with a portable mini-nuke launcher in it just has to be great.

Spotted at the Bethesda Blog, No Mutants Allowed and Google Alerts.


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