Happy Nuclear Year


Happy New Year everyone!

2007 was the last year without a Fallout 3 game on the shelves, and 2008 will be the last year of this blog. Thanks for your messages, comments and for your patience.

Special good wishes for the Fallout fans who are in troublesome places like Carib FMJ, the DAC and NMA veteran that you can see in the picture drinking tea in Iraque a few days ago.

All the best folks, now things are really going to be fun, stick around into the wastelands new year…


One thought on “Happy Nuclear Year

  1. Thanks For All The Moments

    I appreciate your diligence and vigilance.

    This blog is a valuable news source and balences,
    [Mind’s eye: think multi level mobile, wheeling and tipping, in 5 dimensional space]
    the steel toes of NMA,
    the intelligentsia of the Codex,
    and the delightful self absorption
    and brotherly go to hell attitude of DAC.

    The pic of Carib FMJ inspires me to mention
    that the nephew that forayed into America’s ‘mean streets’,
    endured juvenile institutionalization,
    and then survived high school
    will be in Iraq in March.

    Let us wonder if the present Beltway administration has out grown
    the ‘shock and awe’ of their ‘neo’ hubris
    and will rediscover the consensus and team play between nations
    that made the end of Cold War One possible.

    Preemptive for 2008, …

    Thanks for all the moments and the memories to come.


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