Emil talks FO3 to PS3 at PSM


As we know thanks to the Bethesda blog there’s an interview with Emil Pagliarullo and a couple of new screens taken from the Fallout 3 demo on the January issue of the Playstation Magazine. Now a transcript showed up on the Gamefaq’s forum, it is worth a read:

PTOM: Given your experience with open-world game designs, what is the extra firepower of next-gen technology allowing you to do for gameplay, above and beyond the obvious graphical enhancements?

EP: Great question. I’ll admit I’ve become much more of a graphics whore than I used to be, but I still take rich gameplay experiences and immersion over anisotropic filtering and specular mapping any day. So for me, it’s all about using the tech to make the worlds more believable. Shiny graphics help with that, but so does full audio for every character, our Radiant AI system for a full range of character behaviors with full 24/7 schedules, and the ability to make worlds as large as they want. With today’s tech, the little sandbox becomes an entire playground. For a game designer, that’s a dream come true.

PTOM: What does radioactive mutation do to the denizens in your world?

EP: Well, a lot of the creatures you encounter in “Fallout” also adhere to that “1950’s vision of the future,” so the radiation has managed to affect even the most mundane animal and insect. Ants, cockroaches, scorpions, even mole rats have grown to giant proportions. The lucky humans that have been exposed to too much radiation drop dead- but sometimes they survive that exposure and become Ghouls. Take some zombie chocolate and dip it into the leper peanut butter and you’ve got a Ghoul. They’re hideous to look at, but human underneath. At least some of them.

But even those people and animals that haven’t been mutated by radiation (or something else) are affected by the harsh world around them. You know, there are sadistic human raiders who’ll hunt you for sport, or wild dogs looking for their next meal that will rip you to pieces. Outside of the established settlements, the Capital wasteland is a pretty inhospitable place.

PTOM: How many creature designs did you produce for the bestiary? Any particularly dumb ideas that are worth recounting for comedic value?

EP: You know, honestly, it really wasn’t like that. We had such a great roster of baddies to draw from already; the selection process was actually pretty smooth. So we’ve got lots of existing “Fallout” creatures, from the vicious Deathclaws to the brutish Supermutants. For those classics, our job is making sure we do them justice, making sure we bring them to life on next-gen platforms in ways that are consistent and respectful to the source material. And any time we’ve created a new character, we’ve been bound by the same principles. Does this fit into “Fallout?” Does this match the vibe of our unique world?

There’s more, so go get the Official Playstation Magazine.

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