Wastelands Contest


A contest for post-apoc fans, coming from End of the World For.us:

It’s the end of the year, and you know what that means.. having to remember to write ’08’ on all your paperwork and taxes are coming soon.. but it’s also a new beginning.

Assuming we make it that far and we’re not eaten by zombies or disintegrate in a nuclear fireball, you’ll need something fresh to start your year right, and to help you do that, we’re giving away some free stuff:

5 people will receive a free copy of the just released short story compilation “Wastelands: Tales of the Apocalypse”, edited by John Joseph Adams. Other prizes items may also be included at our discretion, but we promise they won’t be radioactive or get you in trouble with Home Land Security.

How to Enter:
Just reply to the contest forum post with something to effect of ‘Enter me’ or ‘I want to win’. All respondents will be entered into the pool and 5 winners will be selected from Random. This process requires a valid email address.

Contestants must enter before 12:01 AM On Wed, Jan 3st, 2008 EST to be considered eligible. Prizes will only be shipped inside the United States and Canada. International shipping may be considered at the discretion of the contest operators, if you wish to be considered for international shipping, please contact us via Email or Forum Private-Message with your shipping address so we can figure if it’ll break our bank (sorry!). Limit 1 entry per household and person.

Winners will be announced Friday Jan 4th 2008, and will be contacted via Forum Private Message for shipping information.


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