RPGCodex Reviews Year


RPGCodex has another twisted take on the Year Reviews that are popping up in every place of the web, with the official RPG Codex Year in Review 2007 Platinum GOTY Edition!

Let’s see their take on the year regarding Fallout 3:

Arguably the biggest RPG news of the year is the unholy union between Oblivion and Fallout. We’ve seen Bethesda acquire the Fallout IP outright from Interplay, launch their official forums for the game, but most of all – show us graphic scenes of their ill-conceived flipper baby. Forget harlequin fetus, Fallout 3 is the new shock.

It seems Bethesda likes all things nuclear. By shooting at abandoned cars, you’ll be able to provoke small nuclear explosions. One of your weapons (called “Fatman”) will use nuclear bombs as ammunition. The game also has its own Fargoth, but this time it’s a whole city! Creatively named “Megaton”, it was built in (or around, if you prefer trusting Desslock to believing Pete Hines) the crater of an unexploded bomb. And you can bet your vintage Ink Spots collection that the magnificent example of choice given to the player (you can explode the bomb, or NOT!) will be mentioned a hundred times in the game’s previews to come. The screenshots we’ve seen contain almost exclusively bloom; the teaser we’ve watched was uninspired at best. (The magnificent concept art we were shown turned out not to have anything to do with the game.)

All in all, it seems that Bethesda vaguely know which direction they should take to stay true to the original game, but unfortunately it also looks like they’re failing at doing so. For example, perhaps they heard someone somewhere praising Fallout for exploring the „shades of grey” approach to morality, so… (if you trust a recent interview with Hines) Fallout 3 will have Good Folks and Bad Folks, but the player will be able to stay neutral!

As a sidenote, the only really informative preview of the game is due to NMA’s Brother None and SuAside, who attended the Fallout 3 demo show during the Game Conference in Leipzig and wrote down what they saw, which appears to be beyond the capabilities of “professional” gaming journalists.

Remember you can read a post mortem of NMA’s Fallout 3 demo trip here on this blog.


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