Fallout 3 at 3


GameInformer has a new Ten for 2008 XBox360 games list, and Fallout 3 shows up on number three:

If you want to stir up a nest of angry Internet hornets, poke the Fallout hive. If Bethesda Softworks wasn’t sure of that fact before, they’re certainly well aware of it now. Despite only having two “proper” Fallout games, the series has attracted a faithful following that’s keenly aware of goings on within its beloved post-apocalyptic universe. When word got out that Bethesda was working on Fallout 3, critics assumed the worst and the “Oblivion with guns” cry was born. Having sat through a demo of the game, we can’t say who’s right here, if making such a determination is even possible. All we know is that seeing your character step out of the nuke-proof vault for the first time in his life is a breathtaking gaming moment. We’re eager to explore this terrible world all over again, through a new set of eyes. In the meantime, we’re happy to occupy ourselves by playing the originals.

Spotted at MaxConsole.


2 thoughts on “Fallout 3 at 3

  1. In the meantime, we’re happy to occupy ourselves by playing the originals.

    I bet they are… Oh, I soooooo bet they are… I’d be surprised if they played the games in the first place, let alone play them NOW again and again… -_-

    Anyway, they clearly show their opinion about “who’s right”. They know Fallout 3 is Oblivion in steroids. But they can’t, for the sake of money dropping on their purses every once in while when Bethesda actually shows them or anything, just admit that right away. Maybe when the game is released, maybe they’ll say it straight: Felloutmybutt 3 is Oblivious on steroids. Huh, wait…

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