Community Corner: Atomic Ninjas Interview


A new featured series of interviews starts today in this blog, talking to Fallout community members and other gamers, recording their views now that the last year of development of Fallout 3 is underway.

The first interview is with the Atomic Ninjas Brother None and Suaside.

I feel they are a good example of how communities and individuals are more and more creating their own content and participating actively on the Web, instead of being passive receivers of pre formatted info, something that it’s quite close to me, particularly in these post-GerstmannGate days.

A few tidbits:

What did you think of the reactions on the web, inside and outside the community?

BN: What, to the review? I think people appreciated the density of information. As one press guy told me, it is the “next closest thing to having seen the demo”, and that’s good.

S: I was quite pleased with the feedback we received. I think most reactions validated our work, which is of course always nice. While many fans told us we had confirmed their fears, others told us that they would give FO3 a chance while they had been very negative on the subject before. While our own opinions were strong, I think we did a good job at telling people what we had seen at the best of our capability.

Even the professional press chipped in, usually with a kind word here and there. With the exception of a few overly negative comments of course… But overall, the reactions were rather positive.

Apparently many fans thought it good enough to donate a little bit of money, which meant we were able fund the trip without too much of a financial hangover. Thanks again for that, guys! Much appreciated.

There’s a lot more on Community corner: Atomic Ninjas Interview.


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