New Header


I want to thank Morbus for creating the new header of this blog. It’s a sweet retro picture, great work.

Also I want to thank Amasius for sending a different header, your effort is really appreciated. I’ll add the pics to the gallery soon.

fo3apnb_banner_morbus_1-0-0-0712182128_optimized1.jpg header2.jpg


12 thoughts on “New Header

  1. Thanks 🙂

    @ Brios, any time you want to change it, like, small changes and such, just to keep ti fresh, I have some other ideas.

    I went for a really retro art deco feel. Art deco is such an awesome field to explore C: The header is very simple, I still think it could use some more things in it, but brios forbade me from changing it, and I could do nothing.

    @ Brios, again, will you consider tweaking the wordpress theme too? What files can you change? style.css only or you can access some more?

  2. Some more feedback, this time from someone at Meebo:

    I like the general idea of the new header, though the font for “Fallout 3” is too much like BioShock and I’d prefer “A Post Nuclear Blog” didn’t curve — just have the whole thing at the same angle as “Nuclear Blog” but moved up a bit.

  3. I told you I could change it, brios 😛 It was your call.

    And yes, now that he says it, it does bear resemblance to bioshock’s font… Pure coincidence, since I based it one a font type I already had, and art deco fonts are all over… It’s bioshock’s font that looks like FO3APNB’s font 😈

  4. Just got back from a long hiatus to gaming. Much catching up to do… But yeah great new banner, and I love the new look here! 🙂

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