Gamerzine Talks to Pete


PCGZine has an interview with Bethesda VP for Public Relations Pete Hines, you can download it here. A snippet:

PCG: Players can expect different outcomes if they thread a neutral path in Fallout 3. Will you be tripping conservative players up with disproportionately good/evil outcomes if they try to mind their own business?

Hines: Yes, whether your karma is good, evil, or neutral, you’ll experience different things. At one point in the game, if you’re evil, the good guys try to kill you, or if you’re good the evil guys try to kill you. If you’re neutral, everybody leaves you alone. So there are drawbacks and advantages for neutral just as there are for good and evil players, and we’ve spend a lot of time working on the gameplay options and outcomes for that “grey” area in between as sometimes the most interesting choices can be found there.

Thanks OblivionStalker at the Beth Fallout3 forum.


7 thoughts on “Gamerzine Talks to Pete

  1. Brother None is telling everyone (including me *gasp*) what I’ve been saying for a long time… Remember me rambling about not liking shades of gray but rather different colors? It’s the same thing.

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