Zeleny Props


Well I got this from Killzig, so here it is:

Since we always make a fuss when they’re NOT playing Fallout, we should give Fizzbang some props for playing Fallout this weekend:

Fred Zeleny, Game Writer and Right Gamer: Fallout 1 (the classic role-playing game), Team Fortress 2 (the I’m-gonna-burn-you-to-death game), Race for the Galaxy (the galactic conquest and economics card game), and Passage (the beautiful and melancholy art-game).

Nate Ellis too:

Nate Ellis, Design Intern: Mass Effect, Fallout, WoW and maybe some Diplomacy with good friends (hopefully we’re still good friends after).

There is some discomfort in the community about the devs reluctance in talking about the classic Fallout games, or what is perceived as a lack of experience with the Fallout world. From this side of the fence that feeling looks legit, but let’s not forget that many of them did play the games and had much fun doing it.


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