Fallout 3 Meet Canada


Another day another most anticipated games list. This time is at PCWorld.ca and Fallout 3 is number three on the list:

Fallout 3 makes the list purely because it looks like Bethesda has this one cooking as a pet project. All I can say is that from reading their development blogs and seeing screenshots of the ongoing project, this looks like a game that has been made from the ground up for the real fans of the Fallout series. While it is a departure from the three-quarter perspective, turn-based adventure that was the first two games, released 10 years ago, it looks like this game will stay completely faithful to the post-apocalyptic environment and quirky dialog that made the series so great. The contest they held for fans to be able to create a perk for the game just shows how much they care about the community created with the first two games.

A rather controversial take on the subject, you can see the other games featured on the list here.


12 thoughts on “Fallout 3 Meet Canada

  1. After the whole Jeff Gerstmann thing, I no longer read any gaming journalism (especially reviews) from any source that has advertising.
    I think we are all better off reading forums and blogs for that sort of information.

  2. “Well, eh, some sites do need advertising to pay their staff, y’know, like GameBanshee. GB’s never been even vaguely interested in what developers or publishers think of (p)reviews”

    Thats true, and I wouldn’t mind reading a ‘professional’ site with advertising if all the advertising isn’t game related. I doubt Honda cares how a game site would review Bioshock, so it’d be okay to have advertisements so long as your advertisers didn’t have an interest in what you wrote. Unfortunately I don’t know of a game site that has exclusively non-gaming advertising.

  3. I don’t think there’s a reason for that, Osiris.

    Honestly, newspapers have advertisements from companies and political parties they cover. But if any of those guys told the newspaper they didn’t like an article the newspaper, if it’s a good one in a free country, would just tell them to fuck off, publish an article saying “these guys tried to blackmail us, we told them to fuck off” and refuse the company’s advertising from then on.

    And *that* is the right attitude. It has to do with dependency, though. “Independent” doesn’t just mean you stick to your own views, it means you can also run without depending on anyone except your readers. A site like GS just can’t, they *need* their advertisers.

    This isn’t the case for GB. Sure, we need some advertising to cover site hosting and the bit of pay I and other editors get, but we don’t directly depend for our monthly cheque on any game company.

  4. I agree, that is the right attitude, but unfortunately, the game journalism industry is different than the mainstream newspaper industry. Unfortunately the reasons behind what I’ve said before aren’t really just a matter of my personal opinion, but based on the comments of those who work in the game journalism industry itself. Have a listen to GFW Radio podcast if you like, located at:
    [audio src="http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3?http://download.gamevideos.com/Podcasts/CGW/120507.mp3" /]
    Its the podcast of Games for Windows Magazine, one of the hosts has been in the field for 11 years. Basically they discuss the influence of advertisers on the review process. Now I’m not saying all or even most of the professional reviews are influenced by the advertisers, but since reviews are a large factor in where I spend my gaming dollars, I don’t want to risk paying $60 for an X-Box 360 game based on a review that was overly positive (like I did with Halo 3).

    Sounds like you trust Game Banshee, though, so I will check them out.

  5. The state of the gaming industry media is no secret, I did an article for NMA a while back that also links to the many other articles about how bad it is:

    As for GameBanshee, I have to trust the site because I write for it myself 😀

    But seriously, even before I was hired by GB, it was one of the places I could take seriously. It, RPGCodex and RPGWatch are the places to check for honest opinions on RPGs.

  6. Nice article Brother None, the guys at GFW talked about the Rybicki Maneuver (without calling it so) a bit.

    I think Halo 3 is a great example of a game that doesn’t deserve all the praise that it has gotten. Have you tried it and do you agree or disagree?

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