The Nature of War


Now for something completely different, here are some thoughts on the ever changing nature of war based on something on the Fallout intro:

“War,” intones Ron Perlman, “war never changes.” There’s something we don’t hear often enough. Very pithy. Really sums up the history of warfare. I guess if I could amend just one thing in that statement it would be this: war changes. Sorry, Interplay/Black Isle/Bethesda et al, you’re just wrong. But don’t let that stop you from opening every Fallout game ever like that.[…]

So Bethesda, if you’re reading this, how about kicking Fallout 3 off with this post instead. I’m sure nobody would mind. Fallout fans are a fun-loving group, they’re very loose about this sort of thing.

Yep, we’re all happy tree huggers for sure. I don’t agree with everything that is written there, but if you are into Political Science or International Relations like me you’ll have some fun.

Hit Self-Destruct.

Picture by St. Toxic at DAC.


11 thoughts on “The Nature of War

  1. We also had the Cold War, which is something humanity probably had never seen before in such a large scale… You know, that kind of things…

    I’m talking about war on terrorism. Although the name probably doesn’t fit.

  2. even when you’re mentioning war on terror (oil) and the cold war (two super powers struggling for influence in the economic south for control/access of/to those resources), you’re still propping up the Fallout 1/2’s intro main statement. War is a struggle for resources (the control of and the power inherit).

    so no, war doesn’t change. stop arguing with Fallout. All of you.

  3. IIRC the image used for this news item is cut out from St.Toxic’s demonstration cover when we were trying to explain GluttonCreeper what a Fallout PnP cover should look like.
    My point is, maybe Toxic deserves some credit eh.

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