Gaming Killed the Video Star


MTV’s Multiplayer blog brings us some thoughts on countdown clocks as a marketing tool in the gaming world:

These are only but a few examples. The Japan-only “Seaman 2,” to “Fallout 3,” “S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadows of Chernobyl,” “Starcraft 2,” “Godzilla: Unleashed,” and even this week’s “Burnout Paradise” have all been counted down. Sometimes the big reveal was a trailer, a game announcement, or a demo. We all sat and watched, knowing exactly what time we would learn something new, letting speculation and rumors outweigh the novelty of something new, letting our anticipation get the best of us, and, in the end, letting ourselves down. Maybe people just like to have little reminders about their life ticking away.

In conclusion, I’m not really one to say whether or not countdown clocks really work. I suppose that all depends on what your overall directive is. I can say that we have had enough of them. Please, I beg the publishers and PR firms out there, if you have an announcement to make about a game … just make it. There’s really no need to build up the suspense around a trailer, or a demo, or a website.

Please stop wasting our precious, precious time. We have better things to do, like get achievements.

Achievements? Yeah, right.


One thought on “Gaming Killed the Video Star

  1. I just played CoD4 and GoW… WTF’s up with all these people? Don’t they freaking have something better to do than colled COD tags and terrorist intelligence laptops? Puh-leeze…

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