Defining Fallout


GamerHelp has a new feature with 18 games that define their genres. On the RPG genre we have Fallout:

Yes, we know hardcore PC RPG nuts will no doubt lament the choice of Fallout over other notable titles like Oblivion and old school fare like Ultima and Wizardry but a great PC RPG title should provide a large and compelling world to explore, a cast of interesting and varied people to interact with, the chance to really step into the shoes of your character–you know, to “role-play”–and a varied and interesting set of tasks with an overarching narrative that propels you constantly towards a satisfying conclusion. These are things that the original Fallout accomplished in all ways and it still stands as a shining example of a PC RPG title done right.

Honorable Mention: Planescape: Torment; Oblivion
Worthy Heir: Fallout 3

Spotted at the BethBlog.


3 thoughts on “Defining Fallout

  1. Planescape, yes. Oblivion, no, I can think of 3 or 4 different RPGs that should be honorably mentioned before Oblivion.

    Incidentally, I like that t-shirt hehe. Where can I get one?

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