New Fallout 3 Pictures at PCGamer


No Mutants Allowed got some scans showing brand new pictures taken from Fallout 3. They are from the UK version of PCGamer, on the first one you can see some good environmental art and the Brotherhood of Steel armor, that looks fine to me, although the shoulder pads seem excessive.

I’m not fond of the AK-47 that is also depicted there, and the same applies to the second scan, that also portrays an interesting Laser Rifle. On this last scan there’s finally a SuperMutant that somehow resembles the old ones, although without heavy weaponry and with a head that still doesn’t seem right, some new good scenery and one of those silly looking SuperMutants with helms.

I would like to show some better pictures, but the fans of the series don’t get promotional material from Bethesda, which forces us to show these low quality scans. Be sure to get PCGamer for better quality pictures.


21 thoughts on “New Fallout 3 Pictures at PCGamer

  1. What’s the problem with the AK-47 briosafreak? The supermutant’s head looks odd, but I’d imagine there to be more than one supermutant variation available in the game, so keeping that in mind it doesn’t look THAT horrible 😉

  2. No problem with the model, it’s good 3d work, but I’m still fond of the old rifles.
    I suspect there are so many “chinese rifles” because they didn’t had many weapons ready to show at the time, but still watching the big bad SuperMutants with something so tiny for their size is a bit weird if one is interested in continuity.

    If you are a new fan than I suppose that’s fine.

    One last thing, the last image screams twitch gaming, reminds me more of Hellgate: London crossed with Gears of War than Fallout. Not the fault of the environmental artists though, they seem to know their business, a bit to my surprise.

  3. It IS a valid question… but… Hmm… There was a Portuguese saying for that… stupid questions… Somthing… :-k

    Dhur dhur… wots teh problm wit 1st pershun n real time 4 a gmae dats tawpdown n torn based????

    Less stupid, of course, but this one is a perfectly valid question too. Even if stupidly written. AND with multiple question marks.

  4. Morbus, So essentially you are claiming it was stupidly written question, it isn’t.

    From all the real world weapons, AK-47 is the best choice, since it has been around ages, as the name suggests also.

  5. No, I was saying the question *I* gave as an example was stupidly written. HOWEVER, I was indeed saying that “What’s the problem with the AK-47 briosafreak?” is a stupid question. The problem is that it’s a real work weapon. The problem is that it’s design doesn’t fit Fallout (even if it’s a 50’s weapon). The problem is that it lacks charm. The problem is that it’s not original. The problem, droveri, is that it doesn’t make sense in a Fallout game.

    Other than that, do I need to say it’s my opinion despite that the fact that it was me that wrote already says it is?

  6. Why wouldn’t it make sense? It is the most simplistic fullauto assaultrifle that exists? There are still armies that use newer revisions of it, so I see conflict for it being in, if there are other combustion based weaponry in the game.

    AK-47 is a pop icon, it is known all around the world, it has the longest usage history of assaultrifles.

  7. eh… what part of alternate history is confusing? the time lines deviated. in Fallout history the AK-47 isn’t proliferated across all of the African continent to little kids as a reward for keeping AIDs strong.

    N.B. – I don’t really have a problem with the AK being in the game. FO2 already set precedent for going apeshit with items.

  8. @ droveri

    As killzig sad, what part of “alternate history” don’t you understand? Fallout’s post WW2 history is not real, so no AKs for anyone. You have the “Assault Rifle” and you’re good to go.

  9. I am not saying it is historically correct, or has to be. I meant that what rifle would you substitute AK-47 with? Even in alternative history AK-47 is really good to have, iconic assault rifle.

    _I don’t see the problem having it in_ Please tell me why it is a problem, maybe then we can get this debate bit further.

  10. Substitute? What do you mean? Fallout has no AK weapon, you don’t need to substitute anything.

    If you mean supermutants in Fallout 3, of course I’d substitute it with a big gun, whatever it is: that’s what they use.

    Again, it’s a problem because AK47 doesn’t exist in the Fallout universe. As simple as that.

  11. The Assault Rifle in fallout is called the AK115. Fallout Tactics had an AK47. It doesn’t matter. Hopefully they just change up the number on the damn thing and keep that classic shape/image they seem to want. Then all of you fuckos can be happy. 🙂

  12. That is nitpicking things, I can see no problem having AK-47 in the game. It doesn’t ruin the game, for you it might, I don’t know. By substituting, I meant AK-47 with what? Some generic “assault rifles” with madeup names? I wouldn’t mind that either, but the fact is they have AK-47 in the game, and that’s it.

    The laserweapon is too bulky, since in FP it will block the view, and it looks too generic, nothing inspiring that screams “I am a laserweapon”.

    The mutant looks too much of a orc from Warcraft or similar games. Biggerhuman with really different colored skin.

  13. so… like, back on topic and shit. that mutant looks a lot better than the first lipless bastard we saw. Hard to tell without a head on shot. hopefully a few of them are actual characters and not just mindless gears type baddies. Overall, I’m still concerned this game is taking the horror/survival aspect far too seriously which was something I never took away from any of the Fallout games.

  14. The Assault Rifle in fallout is called the AK115.

    Good point 😛 I knew it, but I was (strangely) only referring to AK47 and AK74…

    Fallout Tactics had an AK47.

    It a lot more real world weapons too… Tactics is not canon.

    Hopefully they just change up the number on the damn thing and keep that classic shape/image they seem to want.

    Yeah, hopefully 😛 They are not called AK47 though, it’s just the shape.

    That is nitpicking things, I can see no problem having AK-47 in the game.

    Try thinking like that when you are making a game and you’ll see how much your game will stink. The game is UNDER development, we have the duty to nitpick. Nitpicking may only be a problem AFTER the game is released, when minor errors or inconsistencies are excusable if the rest of the game covers up for that.

    Some generic “assault rifles” with madeup names? I wouldn’t mind that either, but the fact is they have AK-47 in the game, and that’s it.

    Best argument ever. Thank you sir, now I see the truth.

    nothing inspiring that screams “I am a laserweapon”.

    It screams “I am a rocketlauncher”. As I said somewhere else, choosing to copy paste the design of the photo (you know, the photo) is just a bad design decision. The design of the weapon in the photo was never meant for a game, and wen you design something, you have to have in mind where you want it to fit. And, as you said, it doesn’t really fit first person… :\ Maybe it would be fit top-down…

  15. Fallouts loaned a huge load of stuff from “real world”. I just can’t see the problem you have with that particular item being in the game. Is it really the most pressing issue at hand? Even when compared to that mutant on the scan holding the damned rifle.

  16. I dont see the model too good. I have had AKs in my hands a few times, both genuine russians and local copies and believe me, that one doesnt looks good. Unless that guy have got it from below a pile of radioactive garbage after 50 years.

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