Chris, Ron and the Bladder


Now that Ron Perlman is again on board doing the narration for the intro for Fallout 3, it’s a good time to remember his past experiences when working for Interplay, in the colorful tone of Chris Avellone:

He does a few takes, getting madder each time, until he finally says, “Who is this Chris Avellone guy?”

At this point, I realize that because I am a formatting nazi, I have put my name at the top of each page of the script in case the audio director had any questions.

As this sinks in, Ron exclaims. “I want him dead. I want his family dead. I want his dog dead.”

BTW, I don’t have a dog, but if I did, it would most likely have been peeing on the floor like I was doing.
He calmed down, though, and I continued to empty my bladder in the floor of Fred Hatch’s office.[…]

So our audio director turns to me, and asks me to describe the “character” that Ron’s playing this session, which for Heart of Winter is a dragon (which is fine) who has taken the form of a barbarian (which is fine), except that the dragon’s a woman, and before I can edit myself, the words “oh, you’ll be playing a transvestite dragon” comes out of my mouth, and I feel my bladder bracing itself again.

A hug to Chris, his imaginary dog and his very productive bladder.


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