Not Fair Game, Spot III


Well the GamespotGate affair continues, you can read a summary of events at Joystiq, read this mordacious comic strip at ActionTrip, see some GameSpot staff impressions at Virtual Fools, find out how Eidos is making up review scores and putting them on their sites. And read the caption here on top, taken by Calvin940 from Quarter to Three.

And you can also read the latest gossips at Kotaku:

Speaking with a Gamespot employee yesterday who asked not to be named for this story, we’ve learned that, despite the neutral nature of the Gamespot news item on the matter, the editorial staff is said to be “devastated, gutted and demoralized” over the removal of former editorial director Jeff Gerstmann. While the termination of Gerstmann, a respected fixture at Gamespot, was pitched to his remaining colleagues by management as a “mutual decision”, it was anything but, we’re told. The confusion over the reasons for Gerstmann’s termination, compounded with a lack of transparency from management has created a feeling of “irreconcilable despair” that may eventually lead to an exodus of Gamespot editorial staffers. “Our credibility,” said the source, “is in ruins.” Over the course of the previous days, a “large number of Gamespot editors” have expressed their intentions to leave. Tales of emotionally deflated peers, with no will to remain at the site, were numerous.Unless cooler heads prevail or concerns are addressed, Gamespot could see “mass resignations”, our source revealed.

Still nothing much will change out of this, just take a look at this reviews ratings caption from a GameSpot employee and please explain to me how did things get to this point, when the pressure on the media to give nines and tens to just about every high profile game is so suffocating:



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