Poor Ashley Cheng:

This is my second xbox 360 to die on me. Sigh.[…]

Well, its out of warranty now. I’m screwed and have to buy another 360. I’ll probably try and get it from Costco which has a lifetime warranty of products. Not cool, Microsoft. Maybe I’ll just get a Playstation 3 instead.

UPDATE: Turns out the red ring issue has an extended 3 year warranty so Microsoft is going to fix it. Woot.

Well to show my solidarity to Ash I’m renaming my desktop computer to “Xboxy”, since it died twice on me in the last three months.


4 thoughts on ““XBoxy”

  1. the MS warranty was extended earlier in the year to much fanfare. I’m surprised he didn’t know that. Despite what he says in the blog, it also covers DVD drive failures not just RROD. I had to send one back in October.

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