November Misc


A few thoughts and news for the day:

First Rock Paper Shotgun has some thoughts on Zenimax Online intentions:

CVG reports (good luck Firefox users!) that ZeniMax Online have licensed Simutronics‘ MMO HeroEngine (the same one BioWare have picked up for their forthcoming super-secret (ohmygodit’ssoobviouslystarwars) MMO). This is being linked to the story from earlier this month regarding Bethesda’s registering of the domain,, and thus speculation that an Elder Scrolls MMO is on its way.

However, it might not be that simple. In this month’s PC Gamer (print version), The Spy reports that there’s speculation it could be an attempt at preparing for the Fallout MMO rights landing in their laps. In a peculiar deal, Interplay only has a loose grip on the option to make an online version of the Fallout universe, and if investors aren’t convinced they can do it, the rights will leap over to Bethesda. Is Bethesda preparing a net for the post-apocalyptic world?

Who knows? Regardless of all the speculation, NMA reports Interplay is hiring again:

Interplay is actively recruiting again, as can be seen on gaming developers site Gamasutra. Right now the jobs list includes Environmental Concept Artist, System Designer and Content Designer.

More interesting is that Jason D. Anderson is listed as the contact guy, which would make him the Human Resource manager and in charge of who he works with.

When he heard of this former BIS developer Damien “Puuk” Foletto, also working in some pretty interesting MMOs these days, had this to say:

I’d rather stab myself in the nuts with a salt covered ice pick.


Also Fallout is number 33 in IGN’s Top 100 games of all times. Hurray.

Finally this blog was removed from the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 forum fansite list, because of the Tiscali scans. Their rules are clear about scans, so I won’t complain much, it’s fair game from their part.

I have just something I don’t get, I did the same thing as Kotaku, yet nothing happened to them. Tsk, tsk.


4 thoughts on “November Misc

  1. The fallout (aarr, I crack me up) from trying to have Kotaku under one’s corporate boothill is far greater than that of doing the same to your blog, Brios. Sad but true. I guess that’s another poignant example of how Bethesda handles their newly-acquired fanbase as opposed to the dedication of the Black Isle crew.

  2. Must have been because your intentions were clearly evil & mean-spirited, while Kotaku… errr… *winkwink*
    Nah, it’s probably, ‘cos they know you would never bend to their will, so it’s clearly a hidden compliment, sorta-a-thingy stuff.

  3. Must have been because your intentions were clearly evil & mean-spirited,

    They were not 😦

    Well this week was very complicated to me, for several reasons, that was the last of my problems, no biggie. I’ll try to work a bit more on the new content and on the blog posts next week, if all goes well.

    Edit: and you guys (this place needs more women, by the way)are going to have a promotion of sorts soon too.

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