Hairy Day


A bit of history about Deathclaws, courtesy of Chris “anarchy” Taylor, of Fallout and Fallout: Tactics fame:

I’m pretty sure the main reason that the Deathclaw lost its hair from concept to production was a technical limitation of the rendering software at the time. I can’t remember if it was the amount of additional rendering time required, an animation issue getting all the hair to move properly, or something else, but it was something along those lines. The hairy Deathclaw in FOT was inspired by the original concept, plus we thought it was nifty to show that there variations and different mutations of the same stock “beast”. We probably should have had both versions, but that’s a decision based on hindsight.
The actual Deathclaw model was done in clay and then scanned by a laser (like the head models) to generate the rough 3D model. It was very Tarrasque-esque but I don’t think that was done intentionally. For the longest time, the statue of the Deathclaw was displayed at Interplay (behind these little glass windows, along with props from other Interplay IPs). I’m not sure what happened to it, but I hope that it ended it up in someone’s house and wasn’t thrown away or broken.

And, yes, all references to Raccoons are part of the deleted Burrows area. Either the reference wasn’t cleaned up properly (which happened to another quest or two) or it was decided that there was no harm in having some additional background information.

He also commented on the subject of the Tiscali scans:

As for these screenshots, I’ve worked on projects in the past that have had screenshots prematurely released, or released without the right context (“These are ALPHA screens!”) or even screens where the brightness/contrast got screwed up between our PR department and the magazine. I don’t know if these screens were released in a similar manner, but it wouldn’t shock me. There seems to be an awful lot of compression in these pics/scans as well.

Picture from NMA.


7 thoughts on “Hairy Day

  1. Regarding the Tiscali scans, hes probably right, they don’t represent the way the final product will look.

    When I posted screenies for Sins of a Solar Empire, the PR department of the company emailed me asking me to take them down and put in new ones because the ones I posted were alpha screenshots. There is indeed a big difference between the alpha screenshots and the most current beta ones for that game, so its probably going to be the same for Fallout 3.

  2. Gives a lot of people fodder to complain about, though?
    And frankly gives them something to be said other then the stuff that regularly comes up again and again and again and…
    (See this as an observation, not a judgemental comment)

  3. Those pics are taken from the demo and from the Behemoth model, they are ready for public consumption.

    The problem is with the scans, they are of very low quality and and don’t give a good picture of of the game, but they are all we got to discuss.

  4. killzig… yes, they were. I can attest that they are accurate though, since I’m in the beta, thats exactly how they look. I could have taken my own screenshots but hey, I’m a lazy human.

  5. Ah I see. Well its no surprise, the people making Sins of a Solar Empire are good folks (Stardock), and as indie developers, they won’t have that EA or Microsoft (or Bethesda?) hubris.

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