Tiscali’s Fallout 3 scans


There are new scans with never seen before Fallout 3 images taken from the last issue of GFW. Czech site Tiscali Games got the scoop, go check their gallery.

I saw this at No Mutants Allowed, where the atomic ninja SuaSide made this comment:

Sure, it’s legit.
The first pic I cant really place, but might be from many different times that he briefly looked aside to nothing.
The second is too cropped to tell.
The third is obviously the only real town visited in the demo: Megaton. though it should be noted the demo I saw had no brahmin in that spot.
The fourth picture is the ‘end boss’ [Behemoth]fight at the tower, where you’re aided by a few BoS and you get to use the Fatman.

The scans aren’t very good, so you better buy the mag to see the pics with good quality.


19 thoughts on “Tiscali’s Fallout 3 scans

  1. The Behemoth is a great 3D work, doesn’t feel Falloutish though.

    The wasteland with the brahmin looks very good, the two headed cow is the first model that really impressed me. The palette seems different from the Fallout feel, but it might be because of the scan.

    The wasteland part is indeed a bit Morrowindish, but looks good.

    The Behemoth fighting the Vault Dweller only reminds me of Gears of War, I don’t like it.

  2. yay, the mini-bosses are walking easter eggs.

    that would be pretty appropriate I guess?

    not really worth getting all worked up about this game anymore.

    just keep telling yourself it’s an offshoot. Not 3. Just BethOut. BethSoft’s take on Fallout. Bizarro Fallout.

    that makes me feel better.


    Fallout: Gears of Evil Residents

    ok. feeling queasy again.

  3. I only have one pic, that links to Tiscali. But yeah, they didn’t quite asked, just removed the blog from their fansite list, and informed me of that. That’ll pass when the scan is out of the main page, I’ll take this opportunity to show the others, later today.

  4. Bethesda loves us, they really do.

    Their treatment of this place could be worse.

    It could be a lot better, too.

    does anyone actually use that heap of a link dump anyways?

    Yeah, I get a few tens of hits everyday. Still it’s about a fourth of the hits I get from the I am Legend pics…

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