Not So Friendly Fire


On the Comics site Friendly Fire there’s an editorial (Why Fallout 3 is going to suck)and a comic against Bethesda’s policy of payed downloadable content, with a quite strong wording (not for kids folks):

Anyway, the whole notion of paying for “additional” content really irks me. I mean, usually extras like horse armor or a few new quests are things developers release to the people who bought their game for free. I look at it as continued support for your product. Bethesda has separated the patching process. Things that need “fixing” are free, but things that add a little extra to your game add a little extra to Bethesda’s coffers. I mean I payed 50 bucks for your damn game, do you really need to charge me 2 dollars for some wizard’s tower? Why not just roll that into the patch, so that people can actually get jazzed about your companies support for their games? I dunno, sounds crazy.


2 thoughts on “Not So Friendly Fire

  1. Do see beyond that, they did offer Shivering Isles. Which has gotten good reviews, if Fallout 3 would to get similar DLC I wouldn’t say no. So being overly pessimistic is the way to not get dissappointed, but is it the right way ?

  2. This guy seems to be angry with all RPG titles released lately. So I guess that he is overreacting, which doesnt means that I love the work Bethesda is doing with Fallout 3. But it is too early to give such opinions and try to make them sounds as a proven truth.

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