Gaider on Fallout 3


The echoes of Pete Hines interview to CVG continue, this time with David Gaider from Bioware in RPGCodex commenting on Pete’s statements about MMORPGs.

More interesting for us is David’s message about Fallout 3, made on the same topic:

Personally I just hope there’s a certain level of dark humour that’s in Fallout 3 — there’s a particular quality that needs to be present in the world for me to believe it’s really a Fallout title, a quality that most of you are probably familiar with. If that’s in there, I can forgive a lot of other stuff.


4 thoughts on “Gaider on Fallout 3

  1. Adult Content

    Worth following his RPG Codex comments.

    Some for fun, some grown up — adult — insights about the game entertainment industrial monolith and drooling g00t time gravy train.

    As in,
    credence given to writer / designer interviewee’s that have PNP experience.
    PNP appears to be a valid- valuable design tool at Bioware.
    As a penciler can be more than a doodling fool.

    Maybe we will never see this PNP translate directly into game mechanics
    in this ‘brave new world’ of Nex Gen design by marketing:
    one dimensional story encapsulated in a 3 D thrown away module,
    on a rocket rail gun,
    aimed at the heart an autistic demographic sun.

    Perhaps, some of the FO ‘happy accident’ was engineered by PNP design incites common among the original dev’s.


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