Fallout from Azerbaijan Part II


Remember Defonten, the guy that made the best Fallout fanart ever, and has the record for the most popular blog post on this place? He also has a video showing how he changed a picture of New York into something with a Fallout 3 flavor and is featured in this blog’s header too.

Now he released a new piece on No Mutants Allowed, fabulous stuff yet again, and you can make a poster out of it using this higher resolution version too. You rock Defonten!


5 thoughts on “Fallout from Azerbaijan Part II

  1. His pictures are amazing, so much content in a single picture, and all of it fits together.

    By the way, you have the word and typed twice in a row in the first sentence. Not to be a spelling nazi. .P

  2. Uff, lost this post and just found it again in my dashboard. Yes, you should talk about those projects. As game developer Im interested in all kind of RPG indie projects.

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