Fallout 3: Best of 2008


From No Mutants Allowed:

Games For Windows magazine of December 2007 has an unranked list of the top 10 (PC) games of 2008, with Fallout 3 amongst them.

THE GOOD + THE BAD: The last Fallout game came out 10 years ago, so you are forgiven, sort of, if you don’t quite know what the big deal is. For those of you who did play these classic RPGs, set in burned-out, mutant-filled, postapocalyptic 22nd-century California, the very idea of a Fallout 3 has been one of PC gaming’s holy grails. When the original developers moved on and the publisher flamed out, it seemed like the franchise might be gone forever. So it was huge news when PC RPG developers Bethesda Softworks–makers of Oblivion, our 2006 Game of the Year–announced that they had acquired the rights and were, at last, going to deliver a third Fallout game. Since the announcement and the first early previews, the reaction to Fallout 3 has been all over the map. Some gamers (including us) are thrilled by how faithfully Bethesda is preserving the look and tone of the old games while bringing the franchise into the current millennium, while others (especially some of the more rabid Fallout fan communities) continue to deride every new fact, screen, or random piece of info that comes out of Bethesda about the game. The truth of the matter is no one knows a damn thing yet about whether the game will be good or not. Everything crucial to the success of the game (“success” being measured partially in terms of how much it lives up to the series’ pedigree)–the storyline, the combat system, the dialogue–is still a huge unknown. Not that there’s any reason to be defensive. Bethesda has been making great RPGs since the original Fallouts were around. They love the old games, just like you do. And if Fallout 3 sucks, they’ll be letting themselves down along with everyone else. And we do like what we’ve seen–so for now, we’re keeping hope alive, and keeping Fallout 3 on this list.

SOMETHING YOU DIDN’T KNOW: “We can confirm that, yes, you can have a dog,” says VP of public relations and marketing Pete Hines, “and yes, his name is Dogmeat.”

THE PC FACTOR: Fallout 3 is being developed from the ground up as a multiplatform title for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Don’t fret, though. What this means is that, as they did with Oblivion, Bethesda is customizing the entire experience and user interface for each particular platform. You’re not going to be playing a console port. -Jeff Green

Actually that’s not what they did to Oblivion, and about Dogmeat, well read this blog post from May 🙂 , thanks go to Killzig.


2 thoughts on “Fallout 3: Best of 2008

  1. this is great, I don’t even have to lift a finger and i get thanks.

    what’d I do again?

    “and yes, his name is Dogmeat.” made me vomit in my mouth a little bit.

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