Shadowrun and Fallout 3


Previously I’ve talked about 1Up’s article about the lessons of the Shadowrun debacle. On the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 Forum Zingar Baltus brought this issue up, with a comparison on Shadowrun and Fallout 3:

There are many similarities between Shadowrun PC game and Fallout 3 being developed by Bethesda.

* Both games are sequels to acclaimed classics rpgs developed in the 90s.
* These sequels are strongly based on PnPs or inspired by them and still have followers today.
* Both games were/will be designed to be familiar to first person shooter players.

This lead to an answer by Bethesda’s Jay “RadHamster” Woodward:

Don’t miss the portion of that article in which the author was musing on what the new Shadowrun game could’ve been, but wasn’t.

Here’s the final option he cited:

RPG — The obvious choice for a Shadowrun game, but still one with many possible variations. What style of RPG would work best with the combination of magic and technology? Perhaps it would be an Oblivion/Fallout 3-style game, with forests of skyscrapers replacing the brickwork of Anvil, and magic-mad beasts of the forests replacing the radiation-mutated creatures of the wastes.

[…]The article draws a distinct contrast between the two games, at the level of fundamental genre. This runs directly counter to your thesis that they are similar. It’s relevant, irrespective of your capacity to find it so.

What do you think? Are there similitudes or not?


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