Fake Fallout3: Oblivion with Guns

Actually it’s pretty well made. It’s fake though, not the real Fallout 3.


One thought on “Fake Fallout3: Oblivion with Guns

  1. Stupid shiny game. I never could see anything unless I turned my gamma up. And the music is wrong, doesn’t fit. Shame of the makers. Also, combat is stupidly retarded. The real time limitation makes it impossible to create realistically balanced fights, and the outcome is always unpredictable. Besides, the vault jumpsuit is not made of spandex, which is in clear violation of the lore. They could improve the HUD too, it’s easily modifiable. The camera sucks too, much better to use the infamous first person perspective than such a clumsy imprecise third person camera… I mean, IF you really don’t mind the limitation of WASD click and kill gameplay style…

    Otherwise, it’s a nice attempt to recreate what Fallout 3 is probably going to become…



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