Shadowrun as Oblivion/Fallout 3?


From RPGCodex:

Now that we all know the PC Shadowrun game was a disaster and FASA Interactive was forcibly dismantled by Microsoft, 1up’s editor Michael Zenke thinks it’s time for a little retrospective and failure analysis.
The text starts with reminding us of the three console Shadowrun games of the 90s (yes, three), but the heart of the text is the section where the author considers what could have been done if the developers had more creativity and the title belonged to a different genre. Here’s what he says about RPGs:

RPG — The obvious choice for a Shadowrun game, but still one with many possible variations. What style of RPG would work best with the combination of magic and technology? Perhaps it would be an Oblivion/Fallout 3-style game, with forests of skyscrapers replacing the brickwork of Anvil, and magic-mad beasts of the forests replacing the radiation-mutated creatures of the wastes.

I don’t know about that, instead this part of the article seems more worth of some thought:

They may not be the largest group, but fans of the pen-and-paper Shadowrun game wanted to be heard because the Microsoft title inspired a real sense of loss. The Shadowrun world affords potentially exciting storytelling and high action for a wide variety of videogames. While the role-playing genre obviously springs to mind, many fans were actually excited by the announcement that the game would be a first-person shooter. A story-based design in the mold of Half-Life 2 could thrive in Shadowrun‘s Sixth World. Instead, Microsoft and FASA labored for years to produce a title only loosely based on the signature elements of the Shadowrun world. The final product released at the end of May 2007 was a decent shooter that pushed the genre in a few new directions…but fans wondered why it needed the Shadowrun name on it.

That’s a risk Bethsoft is taking too. Still read it for yourselves, and check David Gaider from Bioware thoughts on the Shadowrun debacle.


5 thoughts on “Shadowrun as Oblivion/Fallout 3?

  1. If ever a game surfaces that does the title justice those fans will still be there waiting.

    Well, of all the titles the Sega Genesis version still is the only one that comes close to any shred of rule adherence. It’s actually a very good game (I mean, even I said so!) with just enough open-ended goodness and creativity to engage players into its world. This, by the way, on a 16-bit console title, which just goes to show how much design and a focused vision are more important to keep in line with licensed material than some fledgling studio trying to shove their own idea of a Halo killer into a license while using all the bloom techniques they can.

    It’s a waste of a game in more ways than one, specially since the combat mechanics would actually work wonders in that FPS/RPG hybrid style people keep bringing up.

  2. Ahah xD I haven’t the mag yet, but there are some videos too, I suppose. An interview and all 😛 I didn’t talk though, I chickened out.

    And the codex is referred? Cool, I’m looking forward to read the thing 🙂

  3. Haven’t bought the mag yet, since I was away on a small trip and last I heard the DVD edition wasn’t published yet (which I wanted so I could see those videos).

    As for the picture, I haven’t seen it yet but I think I’d recognize the folks involved since I was there too 🙂

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