Fallout 3 Pruning and Tackling


On the Bethesda Games Forum Brother None asked this:

Why [Old threads are pruned in this section something like ever 60 days or so automatically]? Don’t tell me this IP.board is so ruthlessly inefficient that it’s impossible to keep all the threads archived? NMA’s threads go back to 2000, no problem.

Community Manager Gstaff replied:

Since you asked, I went ahead and tried to get some information for you on this from our IT department. Looking at the total number of articles posted on NMA, it looks like you have around 430,000 articles or posts made with around 13,000 members. Getting rough numbers (not accounting for pruning), our community discussion has had 113,000 posts in 2 months. So in half a year or so, that’s already approaching the numbers you’ve guys have had since 2000 (that is if the number on your site is accurate). That’s with about 160,000 active members…by that members that have been active in the last 13 months.

The number of posts fluctuates pretty wildly around releases and so forth. So when Shivering Isles came out months ago, it was a lot higher traffic than that. Around the time Oblivion came out we were pruning messages that were more that a couple days old, because the volume was so high. We’ve got this stuff running over 4 servers, and if it’s necessary to prune to keep the forums going, that’s what we do.

Speaking with our IT department, it sounds like our pruning procedure has something to do with the search function (which we even have to disable at times of heavy traffic).

And talking about more game pics and developers answers about the game:

[…]I know Todd enjoyed answering the questions. We’ll definitely be tackling questions again at some point. Not sure if it’ll be Todd the next time, or other members of the team talking about specific issues….we’ll see.

Yeah we’ll see, they still need to impress more people, for sure.


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