Orin Tresnjak: Inside The Vault


It’s Orin time:

This edition of Inside the Vault features programmer, Orin Tresnjak. Orin is one of the awesome programmers who work on multiple systems. He’s worked on a variety of interfaces and shaders, and even made tools for creating DLC and PC installers (Orin even pitched in and made the installer for Star Trek: Legacy). In short, we drop Orin in and cool stuff results.

What’s your job at Bethesda?

I’m a graphics programmer (also known as one of Scott Franke’s background threads). My main responsibilities at the moment are LOD rendering and the various old-computer and old-TV effects associated with the Pipboy, other displays, and VATS mode in Fallout. Additionally, I’ve done lots of miscellaneous graphics stuff and occasionally get roped into doing installers, because I’m in the unfortunate position of being the only person around here who knows Installshield inside out.[…]

Pitch your dream game.

Well, I’d like to see games that are dark, not just by virtue of gore and violence, but because they touch on dark moments in human history and dark things about the human soul. I’d like to see games that tackle the horrors of war without glorifying it, for example–gaming’s Platoon or Apocalypse Now. I’ve always wanted to see a war FPS where you play an African-American soldier in the Philippines war of the turn of the 20th century (which was really a precursor to Vietnam in a lot of ways). So on the one hand, you’ve got the indiscrimate slaughter of civilians in an extremely one-sided conflict, and on the other hand, you see the same racial epithets being flung by white soldiers at the dark-skinned natives that the Black soldiers have also been at the receiving end of. Many deserted, some even enlisted with the insurgent army. Now there’s a tough choice to be faced with in a game!

Or, maybe an adventure game where you play a Japanese orphan trying to scrape out a life after the Allied firebombing of WW2. (Blatantly inspired by the Ghibli film “Grave of the Fireflies” here.) Or an open-ended sandbox game where you’re a homeless person trying to survive in Washinton DC (let’s subvert the whole GTA concept). Or…

By the way that picture is from Orin, you can see his photo works here and here.


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