Play Fallout 3


Saw this at NMA, seems also has a demo review of Fallout 3:

This is not Oblivion, however, and Bethesda will stand no more comparisons. Likewise, those likening the game to a first-person shooter will be forcibly removed, I’m almost warned entering the theatre. Though it has to be said that, purely from an aesthetic stand-point, Fallout 3 isn’t dissimilar to an FPS, even if no one will thank me for noting it. Similarities are thankfully little more than superficial, and even the combat – which can be tackled FPS style – is more intelligently approached using the pseudo turn-based VATS combat system – which allows you to pause the action and select parts of an enemy to hit, with your timing and shooting ability effecting how likely you are to succeed with that tricky head-shot, or the disabling leg-shot.[…]

But, in a relationship councilor sty-lee (appropriate in the field of games journalism), what have we learned? Well, Fallout 3 is rich, ambitious and epic in scale. Whether it can blend perfectly RPG and FPS (with a splash of third-person thrown in) remains to be seen, but the lengths the developers are going to are more than apparent. We’ll certainly be following this new offering with interest as it is polished, tweaked and expanded ahead of a debut around this time next year. Until then, suffice to say that this is one wasteland we’ll be more than happy to revisit.

A warm salutation to Luke Guttridge, the author of this piece, I remember him from the old days as a nice guy and a good professional .


3 thoughts on “Play Fallout 3

  1. This is not Oblivion, however, and Bethesda will stand no more comparisons.

    Or else… What? Fargoth ninjas? Daedric invasion? End of the world?

  2. Can you blame people for comparing it to Fallout 3. When is the last time Bethesda released a good PC game that wasn’t an Elder Scrolls game? Star Trek Legacy? Not a good game… If the only good PC game you make is an Elder Scrolls game, and your next RPG is Fallout 3, the comparisons are inevitable.

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