The Game of 2008? Part Two


The interview with Pete Hines and demo impressions on Msn tech and gadgets are up as you know, and the author of the piece Patrick Goss was kind to join us and leave a few more notes from the encounter with Pete:

Seeing as you asked nicely and I like the blog – here’s an exclusive snippet for you that I didn’t use. Apologies if it doesn’t add anything new – just figured you would be interested:

The demo showed little of the rough edges you normally see this far in advance of publication – but Hines was insistent that work was still feverish. “We do need the time,” he said.

“This demo serves us well internally because we have to make a big huge world and everyone on the team needs to understand where the bar is; what the environment looks like and how the game plays and feels.

“You don’t want to build the whole world and then say ‘that’s not right’ you do something like this demo where you show interiors and exteriors and you not only to show folks like yourselves [the press] but it also allows the team to go off and say ‘I can build another part of the world but with the same kind of impact of say Megaton’, “We are building out the rest of the world and it is being populated and fleshed out.

“When you get all that stuff in you then need to spend time playing the game asking ‘does everything work?’ ‘Do we need to add anything?’ We’re all big believers in the fact that great games are played not made. We don’t want to be slaves to a technical design we want to play it with everything in it and then make the changes. “We need that process, but it takes a long time.”

Cheers and keep blogging.

Cheers Patrick.


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