The BoS in Fallout 3


Brother None talked a bit about the true nature of the Brotherhood of Steel:

Brotherhood of Steel Paladins aren’t soldiers, though.

Interesting misconception, that is. But the BoS doesn’t have soldiers, since it’s not a purely military organisation. Paladins are what they called, the highly trained, highly disciplined guards of what the BoS holds sacred; technology.

You’ll have to excuse people who are confused by their being replaced by a bunch of guys from Full Metal Jacket (hyperbole).

Remember the sergeant of the Enclave in Fallout 2? Yeah, now that was a grunt type. That one, amongst others, showed and highlighted the difference between the Enclave and the BoS as opposing organisations, again underscoring by the BoS’ relative powerlessness. But you should also remember Cabbot, the gatekeeper, or Rhombus, the head paladin. Army cliche types? Not really. Let’s go over a few of Rhombus’ lines:

The Boneyard is far south. You will find only violence there.
They copy the weapon documents down and come up with new ideas. What they research, the Knights make.
Insolent pup. Apologize now and you’ll not be hurt.
There are rumors of a strange army gathering. I will not say more

Oh noez, where’s the gruff-mouthed bad-ass nature?
Nowhere is where. You can argue there’s a difference between dialogue and combat taunts, and you’d be right, but you’d still be missing the marked difference between the Enclave sergeant and paladins like Rhombus or Cabbot in simply things like bearing, attitude and choice of words.

Not soldiers. If you think they are, you kind of missed the point of the BoS.

This lead to a comment by Bethsoft Steve “Mr. SmileyFaceDude” Meister on the behaviour of the BoS on the Fallout 3 demo:

Actually, only Initiate Reddin was swearing & all gung-ho in the demo. Vargas even told her to knock it off, more than once.

Hope this means a less regular soldier nature to the BoS, good news.


5 thoughts on “The BoS in Fallout 3

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    And remember this number doesn’t take into account visitors that come from the feed, so it should be much higher now.

    Still thanks, time to start working on that idea of a looking back article you had.

  2. It’s strange it doesn’t count the feed visitors. It should work like statcounter or google’s counter… Are you sure it doesn’t count feed visitors?

    Anyway, thanks a lot for writing it 🙂 The article, I mean 😉

  3. Congrats brios 🙂 I just hit a wopping 100 hits…i doubt its unique visitors.

    Anyway, I’m pretty tired of the cliche gruff n’ tough marine that you see in every single video game involving military combat. The BoS were pretty cool in that they weren’t like that, which helped me feel like I could relate to them in the original fallout games.

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