IGN and Fallout 3 Again


Pete Hines talks to IGN:

IGN: Can you talk a bit more about the melee system in the game?

Pete Hones: We’re still working on and sorting out the melee system. The gist of it is that it works just like ranged combat using a gun. You can use VATs [targeting system] using a melee weapon and the idea is that when you get up close with someone with a melee weapon you do pretty significant amounts of damage, because it’s more than likely you’ll be shot at when you’re running towards the enemy. So the idea is that when you get up close you can do serious damage, providing you’re any good with that weapon. The reverse of that is true as well, that if someone with a melee weapon gets close to you then you can take a lot of damage. In fact, it’s viable to play the whole game using only a melee weapon – you can do it and be really good at it. It’s another class of weapon that has its own custom weapon that you can make and it fits into the mould of all the other weapons in terms of being a viable choice to play through the whole game with.[…]

IGN: When can we expect to see new stuff on Fallout 3?

Pete Hines: We’re planning to show some new stuff off early next year. I’m not really sure what we’ll show but it’ll be something new but I’m not sure what. Right now we’re in the process of putting stuff into the game, building out the world and adding all the content in there. So until we get all that in there and start to go back through and polish it all off to a final level I have no idea what we’ll be able to talk about come February or March.


10 thoughts on “IGN and Fallout 3 Again

  1. You’re going to loose all the readers of the blog after Fallout 3 gets released 😛

    Anyway, there will always be people checking for news, because there will be news. I will be checking, at least, and I’m not interested in Fallout 3 as much as I’m interested in seeing how much it will flop…

  2. That languageisavirus thing is awesome, bookmarked it, might come in handy 🙂

    And it won’t flop, but at the same time it isn’t a sure slam dunk, Oblivion style, so following what happens around the game is actually interesting this time.

  3. I’ll keep reading your blog, brios, your like the only person with more then 1 post on my blog lol. I show loyalty to my reader(s)!

    I think I agree with brios’s prediction…it’ll probably get great reviews, like oblivion did, but most FO fans who played 1 & 2 will be like, eh, I’ll play it cause its fallout, but its not that best game ever.

    Oh and yes, shameless plug.

    Thank you.

  4. I’ll keep reading your blog, brios, your like the only person with more then 1 post on my blog lol. I show loyalty to my reader(s)!

    Thanks, I’ll make more comments on your blog too, using the tools on Diogo’s link 😀

  5. I was thinking of trying to get another Fan FAQ started after the results of the perk contest are in.
    What do you think – would the timing work?

  6. I don’t think so, they seem adamant in following a strict schedule, with first quarter 2008 being the launching pad to their media blitz and the release of new info.

    Still I do have a bunch of interesting questions from Kaos and DocConrad, and there are things that could be talked about soon, November “almost crunchtime” season will last just a few weeks, they probably could start talking of a few things in a more assertive tone soon.

    But I really doubt it.

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