The Raider and the Dweller


Fred “fizzbang” Zeleny and Ricardo “socrates200x” Gonzalez

Fallout 3 LARPing seems much more fun than I thought!


4 thoughts on “The Raider and the Dweller

  1. To Gabriel:

    Larping? Halloween ring a bell, Einstein?

    Follow the links, and you’ll see that those pictures are from Halloween blogposts at the Bethesda blog.

    A bit of digging around and you’ll find our Halloween discussions on the Bethsoft forum, featuring pics from those blogposts.

    So the right conclusion is that I made a little joke, nothing else, and like everyone else I’m sure you’ll see that I didn’t miss the fact that it was Halloween.

    Please don’t jump into silly conclusions. No cake in the end for you.

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