Almost Over


The Fallout 10th Anniversary Contest is about to end, you have until midnight Rockville-Md time to send your Perks.

Go on, not much time left.

Update: It’s over now, good luck to everyone that participated.


4 thoughts on “Almost Over


    Years of watching Hopalog Cassidy westerns has twin fired your two fisted drive to dual wield matched pearl handled six guns.
    You have the Agility, and the Small Arms skills, and Lucky you, you found and Repaired a matched set of chromed 44’s.

    Can dual wield, and individually VATS target, matched hand guns. Extra damage.
    When Hollywood guns equipped add +1 to Charisma.

    [Suggest use Hoppy publicity still…

    … as base. Use Hoppy hat.
    Vault Boy crouches, twins guns to left, dramatic shadow … cast to a wall further back .. bigger …
    AND … shadow has one gun left and one gun right … arms akimbo … guns akimbo.]


  2. Keeping Up With The Jones-es

    ‘Resistance: Fall Of Man’ was reported to have dual wielding.
    Reward for completing game.
    Seen ‘Halo’ pictures with dual wielding … but haven’t played these.
    These recent high profile titles have ‘it’.

    [whine] Why can’t B’s FO-3 have Guns Akimbo too! [/whine]

    Played ‘Red Dead Revolver’, and it’s – Dead Eye – looks similar to VATS.
    It’s dual wielding was nothing special as I recall. Bigger f-ing six gun available.

    If Bethesda has this Nex Gen … jones … so bad they got the shakes,
    why not cook up and shoot up some Guns Akimbo.

    Hey, if – girls – endowed with twin peaks can finger two at a time …

    But, no, different time line.

    Think B western cowboy. Good guy role model. In fantasy open spaces, mythic hero for vault shut ins.

    Be like this hero. Look like this hero. Act like this hero. Shoot like Hopalong Cassidy.


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