TVG does Fallout 3


Pete Hines continues his roundup showing the Fallout 3 demo, this time he met Gwynne Dixon from TVG:

Pete Hines: The original Fallout games are primarily what we’re trying to replicate as much as we can, and we’re trying to bring as much of that as possible into Fallout 3 to make it a true Fallout game. The kinds of things we’ve focused on are the tone, theme, settings, characters, story, dialogue and the kind of humor they had; things like that.

There are lots of little things like homages to the sort of furniture they had, or the vents on the walls. We did everything we could to try and make the game as realistic and as true to Fallout as possible.[…]

It’s really a game where if you want to see and do everything then you have to play through multiple times to see it all. If you blow up Megaton, for example, all of those quests are gone forever. You can’t go back there and do any of the quests; it’s just a big gaping hole in the ground. So, there’s a lot more emphasis on player choice and how we deal with the choices that you make.

The quest system is actually very different. Rather than having lots and lots of quests where you can do any of them that you want without being locked out, Fallout has a much smaller number of quests and how you do one may lock you out of doing other stuff.

Gwynne Dixon: Roll-on autumn 2008. We literally can’t wait to get our hands on more Bethesda related fun, particularly when it revolves around one of our favorite post-nuclear war game worlds, the Fallout universe.

There are a few mistakes in that piece, the exp progression isn’t like Oblivion, for instance.


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