Brief and Nuclear Roundup


Just some brief notes before we start a new week:

Matt “Gstaff” Grandstaff asked the Bethesda Fallout 3 forum community to help him out:

So between the moderators and some of you guys, I’ve gotten some requests that we update our emoticons (or smileys, or whatever you want to call them). Pete and I talked about it, and decided it would be fun t to see what you guys have to offer. As long as they’re in good taste (nothing to rude, lewd, crude or nude), we’ll consider them. If you come up with an idea, send me a PM with a link (feel free to share the links here). Not sure how many we’ll add, but if we get some feedback on the more popular ones, we’ll probably have to use them smile.gif
So get your BoS, Vault Boy, or whatever else seems relevant ready.


He also is warning that it will take a while until we find out the results of the Design a Perk Fallout 10th Anniversary Contest:

Almost closing time, yes…but we definitely have plenty to look over and go through before we can start handing out any prizes.


Fallout: A Post Nuclear Internet Union is the latest gathering of Fallout fans to appear, in this case from the Gamespot grounds.


Sorry for the off topic but if you are in my position, you really should read this thing from the Digital Hedonist:

On September 5th of last year I became the husband to my wonderful wife. We share a lot of things in common, but one of those things is not a passion for gaming. She’ll play a game occasionally, she kicked my behind the first time we boxed on Wii Sports.For the first six months or so of our lives together my gaming was a major source of conflict between us. But together we evolved, compromised and I can happily say we haven’t had a serious arguement about my gaming for many months now. It wasn’t easy, but we got there, so heres a few tips for you married gamers out there on how to make the transition from single gamer to married gamer.


And finally there are some changes to this blog coming out, I’ll just paste what I wrote earlier today from here:

I’m going to open the blog to outside contributors, people that find something interesting and can make a blogpost of their own, with me editing the final version. I’ll open it to the large majority of people that made comments, with no strings attached, if you never want to write you won’t. It’s one of the new things I’m going to make, together with a new theme (I want to try some new stuff, this place also exists for me to learn to function with WordPress) and a couple of articles and interviews.All coming in November.

Picture by Michail Zey.


2 thoughts on “Brief and Nuclear Roundup

  1. I can’t wait to see the new theme. I hope you found some nice and experienced web desinger or graphical designer at least. I’ve been trying to create a falloutish firefox theme for a while now, but the rust and the yellow stripes have proven to be more difficult to create than i’d originally thought. So good luck with that 😉

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