Hanging out with Fallout 3


On the Game Scoop! Episode 55 podcast at IGN you can listen to Pete Hines talking about Fallout 3.

Update: There’s a very small transcript at NMA, together with some comments from Brother None. Still it’s better to listen to the thing, it’s not that big.


6 thoughts on “Hanging out with Fallout 3

  1. OMFG, I can’t believe they praised the shooting-different-body-parts-thing as a replay value addition!!! I’m looking at you Destructoid, you bunch of cretins!!!

  2. Morbus, I didn’t actually listen to it. I just assume that he’s going to continue to spout off the same generic stuff we’ve been getting since the first media blitz. Isn’t that what they do? They’ll make a big hullabaloo about any real new information and then drill that for the next 3-4 months. Otherwise subtle new info will get parsed in the regular posts here at the blog/nma/dac.

    nothing to see here, move along.

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