Fallout3: Now in a lot of flavors


The Fallout 3 official site is now available in French, Italian, German,Spanish,UK English, American English and Australian English.

The place still needs a Polish and Russian versions though, the following in those countries is huge. And Chinese. And Czech. And all the Nordic countries. And Portuguese. And why are the UK, USA and Ozzy versions exactly the same? Shouldn’t they just put an En sign? Who are we? Where are we going? Shall I thank BN for the tip?


5 thoughts on “Fallout3: Now in a lot of flavors

  1. Ahah, don’t count on that. If I know Bethe$duh well, they won’t even care… Even more when the average East-European Fallout fan is a decent fan no less, a fan that know what Fallout is about… They won’t make a game for them, they are making it for the US Xbox 360 kids people…

  2. Still they are on the right path, Fallout has a great following all through Europe, it’s an international success, due to the great number of budget releases, and the great majority of modders come from Europe.

    I forgot to add the Chinese following, which is surprisingly strong and well organized, but no one buys legit games there…

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