Fallout 3: Still No Mac Allowed


Jay “RadHamster” Woodward from Bethsoft shares his thoughts on the state of Mac gaming:

Until Steve Jobs allows John “I’m a PC” Hodgman to speak the forbidden word “game,” I would not want to see anything happen that might endanger Mac users’ ability to enjoy the pocket universe Apple has created for them, in which PCs are serious and dull, and Macs are fun because they’ve got the best version of Adobe Illustrator.

Near as I can tell, in that universe, games simply don’t exist.

Regarding Fallout 3 and the Mac platform things remain like they were a few months ago.

Update: It’s clear that the quote from Jay shows his own views, nothing more, still here’s a message I got:

RadHamster’s opinion should not be construed as any official comment from Bethesda.



4 thoughts on “Fallout 3: Still No Mac Allowed

  1. So if it’s clear Rad Hamster’s statement is just his opinion, why bother making a news post about it?

    I’m really tired today, so I’ll just reply with “because I can”.

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