Over 9000 Fallout Perks


So how is the Design a Perk Contest going on? Matt “Gstaff” Grandstaff replies:

Hmm, as of the 11th, we had around 9,700 entries.

You still have until the end of the month to participate, so what are you waiting for?


6 thoughts on “Over 9000 Fallout Perks

  1. i haven’t bothered.

    posted a few on NMA though. 😉

    either way, i find it rather annoying for them to expect us to make perks for them, while we have really only very limited insight as to skillpoints, stats and so on at this point.

    it’s just a PR gimmick…

  2. I haven’t participated either. If I wanted to contribute to the game, I’d mod it and make my own perks, as many as I pleased. And since I’m not interested in contributing…

  3. I think I might be up to 70ish now. No graphics though, that would seriously reduce any chances I ever had of getting that fine graphicscard. 😀

  4. Checked it ‘cos I got curious myself: 84 by my count. Statistically there should be at least one good one in there, right? 😛

    I’m honestly curious which one will be chosen in the end. There’s been some good ones in the threads and I expect more we haven’t seen (for fear of people that they get stolen).

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