Inside the Vault: Craig Lafferty


From the Bethesda Blog:

Today’s Inside the Vault is with Craig Lafferty, one of our senior producers. Craig is the producer responsible for all our artists. We use a matrix structure on the team – so in Craig’s case, he serves as both the producer for the art staff (he has two associate producers to help him manage our huge art dept), and as a lead producer for projects (Shivering Isles, Oblivion PS3). In fact, our PS3 fans out there will be happy to know Craig is also helping out with getting Shivering Isles working on the PS3 (Hopefully, Pete will be able to have more to say soon, but please know that we are working on it best we can.)

What’s your job at Bethesda?

I’m a Producer, which means different things depending on the project. Right now I’m the producer responsible for the art department, who are all working on Fallout 3. Before that I was lead producer on the PS3 version of Oblivion.[…]

Pitch your dream game.

A first person RPG puzzle shooter. Basically Puzzle Quest with guns and lots of explosions. And Nukes. You can never have enough Nukes in games.


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